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Too much salt soprrssata

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I'm a bit worried I overdid the salt on my sopressata. I was told to use 2% but I used almost all curing salt with a mix of pickling salt it's not the pink cure it was like a fine ground white salt but was purchased from the deli . Looking back that seems to be like 5 times what I should have used of cure
Is this going to ruin it?
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Cure#2 looks like a ground white salt. Find out what exactly that "curing salt" is. If it's cure #2 you used 8x more (0.25% is the correct dosage).
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Yeah it's a number 2 she gonna he garbage than right don't know what I was thinking at time
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Unfortunately yes.
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Total bummer they looked so pretty lol good luck it was only 30 pounds better luck next year
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Dumb question maybe but would it "wash" out if I cut them open and soaked in water to at least salvage meat for something ? I stuffed them on Saturday
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I wouldn't do that. You have no way of knowing how much cure is removed. Also some of the cure has already started to react with the meat.

One other option is mix meat well, freeze it in say 5lbs packages and make 40lbs batches: 35lbs new meat, 5 lbs too-much-cure meat. This is based on 2% cure#2 number you provided. You mentioned there was some picvkling salt. How much?
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There is no way to get the cure out of the ground meat...  except for hanging for maybe a year or two so the cure can break down, like it is supposed to during a long hanging curing process....  


Marianski recommends 2.5 grams cure #2 per 1000 grams, (same as Atomic) and 2.8% salt... (I have heard 2.5% is the absolute minimum from reputable Charcuterie folks)


May I suggest you get a reputable "recipe" book when attempting stuff like this...  a grams scale is also a must...  0-100 grams range works perfect....


I have "Home production of quality meats and sausages" (Marianski) $8 Kindle, $20 paperback...


I would pitch the meat....  




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"2.5 grams cure #2 per 100 grams,"

I think you had a typo (it should be 1000g instead of 100g, or 0.25g instead of 2.5g))
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It was 300 grams cure and 4 teaspoons of pickling per 34 pounds
We had a recipe which Was all in teaspoon, was 1 top per 10 pounds cure 1 tsp per pound pickling. Pepper hot pepper and paprika was basically by eye
Like I said just Dicked up and pretty much went opposite
I used 2% cure for whatever reason . Prolly gonna scrap and do over this weekend .

And you guys are awesome can't understand why I would use that much I've done pepperoni and tons of Jerky before complete Bone head
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Originally Posted by atomicsmoke View Post

"2.5 grams cure #2 per 100 grams,"

I think you had a typo (it should be 1000g instead of 100g, or 0.25g instead of 2.5g))



Thanks.... I hate typos....  I think it's from eating while typing and stuff gets in the keyboard...   GOOD CATCH !!!!

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Got to thinking might just try to freeze I can add small amounts when I do pepperoni or any ground pork I use if I keep it at a small percentage that should be OK? That way I still get to use it doing a new batch this weekend and all by scale :)
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From the numbers you posted your meat has now 7.774 times the recommended cure level. This means you have to add 6.774lbs of uncured meat to every pound of meat you "overdosed". Let me know if you need help figuring out the salt numbers.

Having said that keep in mind curing is a chemical process not a biological one. I know it slows with cold temps, but does it completely stop in frozen meat? Hope someone with food chemistry knowledge chimes in.
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Like Atomic said, you could pull out 1# blobs of meat and add to 7#'s of new, if you were sure of the 8 times too much cure #2...    Try a one pound + 7#'s for a test...


2% / 0.25% = 8...    7# + 1# / 1# = 8...  or what ever floats your boat...   wrap the meat tight in saran and vac pack into known weight blobs.... for later use.... 


Good idea Atomic....  this could very well save his sausage...

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Atomic yiur awesome but means I need to do 150 more pounds . Do you think freezing and slowly adding it will be OK I appreciate all yiur info you guys are great
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Do as much as you can now freeze the rest. In the meanwhile bump this up periodically - I am sure someone can clarify the "nitrite level vs time in frozen meat" by the time you do the next batch.
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Perfect you guys rock gonna do another 30 pounds anyways than freeze
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I would remix the meat after breaking it out of the sausage.
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Starting from scratch gonna ask first this time I got 21.25 pounds of pork make sopressata I use. 25 cure and 2.5 course yes? Any suggestion on paprika and pepper as well ? I plan on going by eye/taste with that and hot peppers but will weigh as well
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.25 cure ???   You mean 0.25% cure#2...   and 2.5 course yes?... is that 2.5 % salt ??  Marianski calls for 2.8% salt + what's in the cure...   Kosher or pickling salt is fine... maybe even sea salt or Himalayan.... 

Find a recipe from a reputable charcuterie person...   Marianski, Ruhlman, Poli.... and follow that recipe UNLESS there is a glaring error...

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