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the Smoking Pastor

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So, I just recently purchased a Masterbuilt 40inch Smoker.  I have been trying out some recipes that I have found here and around the web.  I am really enjoying it.


On a personal level, I am a husband to an awesome woman, the father of 2 perfect children, and the Pastor of an amazing church.  I live in Arizona about halfway between Phoenix and Tucson in a little community called Arizona City.  


I'm glad to be here and excited to get to know more of you and more of this wonderful smoking community.

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Welcome to SMF!

 Get yourself the amnps and you wont have to add chips every 30 min.

i love my MES 40. w/ the amnps i can do long brisket or butt smokes while i sleep.

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Yeah, I'm planning on getting an AMNPS soon.  


I am currently relying on the built in thermometers.  The meat probe seems to be accurate, but I am doubting the accuracy of the cabinet temperature.  It seems like my smoking is taking way longer than it should.  As an example, I made stuffed chicken breasts today and the recipe said it should take about 1.5 hours to get to 165.  I had them in 2.5 hours and then I had to take them out and finish them in the oven so I could get them to temp.  They were awesome though.

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I always keep an oven thermometer in the smoker. I keep my probes tested and true, and always have backup.


Ohh and when it comes to stuffed meats. Consider what you stuff it with and how the stuffing cooks. Recipes are just guidelines.


Welcome to SMF

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Glad to have you with us!  Good thermometers are a must! Happy smoking!



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Welcome to SMF!


Lot's of folks here to help you with your new hobby!



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:welcome1: To SMF glad to have on board and here's some info to help you along on top Of Home page there is a search engine also on Home take the time to read Initial Greeting it contains a lot of helpful info. Enjoy and keep trying success will come.

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