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Greetings from San Antonio, Texas

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Hello y'all! Been grilling for a while now. My starting in BBQ has been very humble. For fathers day my wife and son bought me a 14.5 Walmart back yard grill. Love that brave little grill. Before that I used any grill I could get my hands on be it at family or friends house. Hell I even used the public park grills. My wife just bought me the 22inch Old Smokey UDS. Looking forward what great things I can grill/smoke. If y'all can be so kind and advise me what's the biggest brisket you were able to smoke in an Old Smokey grill? I plan to cook all types of animals, cow, pig, chicken, maybe even a little lamb. [IMG]
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Glad ya joined us!  Not familiar with your grill, but try the search bar at the top.  Best of luck!



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Welcome to SMF!


Love to see the inside of your grill!



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