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Meat Loaf smoking question

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This Saturday, I plan to smoke meatloaf for the first time.  Here is my potential problem.  I have an electric Brinkman smoker.  The grill racks are small, round and have a lot of space between the rows on the rack.  I am afraid that the meat will fall between the cracks while it is cooking.  I don't have a Bradley rack and won't have a chance to get one before this weekend.

Would it work if I took a disposable aluminum pan and punched holes in the bottom of it to allow the juices to drip into the water pan?  I have even thought about cutting the sides off of the pan to allow smoke to circulate better.  I really just want aluminum under the meat to keep it together.  I thought punching holes might all little smoke to get to the bottom of the loaf and allow the juices to drain away.

Is this a good idea?  Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.

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This is what I did with no holes in bottom it got plenty of smoke, you can also get the q-matts from

I havent bought them yet but will be soon.
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That should work.  I have plenty of heavy duty foil.  Did you double it up?

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No just put the loaf in there & rolled the edges up single layer, just have to support the bottom when putting it in or taking it out off the smoker
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Originally Posted by Smokin Phil View Post

Do the bacon weave!

That's what I do. It'll never fall through the grate and elevate your meatloaf to the next level!!!

This works, I also use a metal bread pan with holes drilled in it
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Wow, the bacon weave looks like a delicious option.  Since the kids are away at school and it's only my wife and me, I divided the 4 lbs of meat into 3 small loaves.  I think I will try the bacon weave on at least one of them.  I just bought a 3 lb package of bacon at GFS and this would be a great use for it.  Thanks for the suggestion. 

I have a metal grill pan with holes that I use for roasting veggies or grilling fish, but it is too big to fit in the smoker.

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We have a meatloaf pan that has an insert in it, so you can lift the meatloaf out easily.


I smoke the meatloaf in the pan until it sets up, then take it out & put it on the grate.



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