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First smoked chicken breasts

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I pulled a whole chicken out of the garage freezer and moved it to the house fridge to defrost, Two days later it was still hard as a rock so went to store and all I could get was four large breasts. Wife was nice enough to give me the weekly shopping list and what I planned as a quick trip took  a while longer.

Preheated the MES. Used Olive Oil, salt, pepper, sage, apple chips. Finally put the chicken on a hour behind schedule. Was planning on cooking at 225 but with the delay boosted this to 250. Hit 165 IT in close to three hours.


Neighbors cat stopped by to help me with the smoke. In my grilling days I could time the event by drinking a beer. With these longer smoking times I'm not that much of a drinker, thank god for the timer and probe. I would never have figured out how many beers to drink if left on my own judgment. Bad thing is the instructions clearly warn about smoking intoxicated.


Wow. For a first time I impressed wife and myself. She is kind of a gourmet chef and my normal kitchen duties are normally regulated to Scullery help. You know, fetching, carrying and cleaning. All I can say is this moved me up a notch.


I hand fed the Apple chips jus tto see how it does. I got a AmazenPS but wanted to try the wood chips first.

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Chicken sounded good. Congrats on impressing your gourmet chef wife! Always a good thing when you do something that makes them happy!
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Awesome smoke!


Nothing better than impressing the wife!



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No credit to me. The MES 30 made it simple and delicious. She is not one for left overs but talked to her a while ago and we are having the other two tonight.

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