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Fatback in Iowa?

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With Iowa being the #1 hog producing state you'd think I could find fatback everywhere but no.  I even tried Fareway where they have a butcher shop somewhat like the old time butcher shops I remember as a kid.


I'm in the Des Moines area.  Anyone know where I can find fatback?  If I can't find it is pork belly a 'close enough' substitute for making fresh pork breakfast sausage?

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I personally just use butts with a thick fat cap when making breakfast sausage. Most people figure it to be 80/20. That being said, belly is between 50-60% lean. If you're shooting for a 30% fat sausage, you can do some math to add enough belly to get that extra 10%. I would think Fareway could order you fatback. Otherwise check some meat processors. If they process deer, they could likely source fatback. comes to mind.

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Try meat lockers. One in Winterset may sell you some. Fareway is a bust for me too. Think that locker is Kirkpatricks. Call them and they may have some.
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Not in Iowa, but my butcher wouldn't give any of his up the other day. Never been a problem before! As was mentioned the fat cap off a shoulder or picnic will work just fine too.
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