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Menu Costing (newbe here)

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Wanted to know what software are you using to cost out your recipe and menu. If you're not using a software, what formula are you using to cost out the per pound/ounce of meat on your menu.





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Hi J


  Welcome to the group. Have you had any luck in finding the info you were looking for?

I have so much fun smoking meat since I have found this forum. A lot of good information and a lot of nice people who are willing to share their experience and know how. Let me know if you get the info on that " Cost Out Program" I would be interested in some thing like that. I help out a few non-profits

putting on a few dinners and fundraisers . Good Luck!


                                                                                      Happy Smokin!!

                                                                                         Smokin Sid

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You can get programs but the Costing is simple and takes just a few minutes. Layout each ingredient, the amount used, the unit Cost and multiple to Ingredient cost. Total Ingred Cost to get Food Cost. Multiple by 3 or 4 to get Selling Price. Sell for what the market will bear or reduce the Price and your Profit. Sample below of costing a 12" Pizza...JJ


From Goggle Images.



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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

J there is a spreadsheet in the following thread.


Forgot about that one, Thanks. That has spread sheats for costing the Meat and some Sides. For meat, it calculates the meat only. For sides and condiments, they are commercially made. Good to use if Meat, Rub, Sauce and Potato Salad all come from the Grocery Store. It is still a good idea to know how to cost a Recipe as well. That way the Do it Yourself folks can figure the actual Cost for 20LB of Pulled Pork, including all the rub ingredients and fuel cost, the Sauce and it's ingredients and any Sides and their ingredients...JJ

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