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I owned a gas smoker many years ago but it has since rusted out. So when I started looking for a new one recently, I found this site and knew right away I had landed in the right place. Last night I was checking out the groups and found this one and again I knew I had found the right place.


So today, I went to Lowe's and purchased myself a MES 30" smoker. I was going to get it on Amazon but Lowe's had a better price and I get a 10% discount for being retired military.


Assembly instructions were good and putting the pieces on was quite simple. There were no damaged or missing parts. Right now the new smoker is on my front porch being seasoned according to the provided instructions.


Now the only things I need to do are decide what will be the first thing I smoke in it and also do the mailbox modification.


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Hey Fender, sorry nobody responded to this sooner...just saw it myself.  Congrats on the new rig!  That's nice and shiny...hopefully you've had the chance to get it dirty by now!  Be sure to post up some qview to show it off...  Thumbs Up



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Hey Fender,


Sometimes these posts drop to the bottom real quick & nobody see's them.


Glad Red picked it up.


I hope to see that MES in action soon.



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Nice smoker! Should think about getting one if these to