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Hello Everyone/New To Smoking

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First time getting a smoker, I have been researching the Pit Barrel Cooker and Dyna Glo Offset Vertical Smoker..
I would like to know which would give better quality food, less mods and easier to use.


Thank you,



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welcome to SMF!

 You may want to ask about your smoker choices in wood or charcoal smoker sections.

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Welcome! You may want to research a bit using search function. Those are loaded questions with nothing but opinion. The quality of the food is up to the cook, for the most part, but the main thing you want to think about is what you want to do food, fuel, and time wise. Each type of smoker has unique impact on your time and what you want to cook. MTF, sorry.
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Do you have a busy life and want a smoker that is low impact on your time and affordable? Then small electric smoker. Are you retired or rich with a lot of freetime and you want to spend tending a firebox? Or maybe you are just really wanting to explore the roots of slow cooking? Then any number of offsets are out there ranging in prices. Also the amount of people you are planning to cook for is important.

But, I recommend just getting something basic and reasonable for your budget to start with and see where you want to take it from there.
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Welcome to the group!  I'm not familiar with either of those smokers, but try the search bar and see what comes up. Glad you joined us.



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