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Cold Weather Smoking

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Good afternoon Everyone


I am new to the whole smoking deal and have done quite a bit of smoking in the past 2 months but never in the cold weather. I just had a 20 degree night while smoking a 8lbs shoulder and could not get the temp above 205 degrees. I have been reading that you can use a welders blanket and wrap it up with a blanket like I posted below but I am not sure how I can wrap it around and get it to stay there. If anyone can post up some pictures of what they did and if they made any cutouts for the door handles/exhaust vent that would be greatly appreciated.



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I would think clothes pins would hold it in place or large magnets. 

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Magnets can work, but heat will make them lose their magnetism over time.


I've seen people use spring clamps with wide jaws, and they seem to work really well.

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I live in Florida, but we use spring clamps on the freeze cloth we cover plants with during a freeze. Like CB said, I think they would work just fine for holding a welding blanket in place.



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