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Sunday Ribs

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4 racks of ribs rubbed and resting for the night. I'll put them on at 225 around 1130 tomorrow. 2 racks have Wally's dry rub and 2 racks have CC Ryder rub. I used a mustard base.

More to come tomorrow.


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Yummmmm! What method do you use?

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I use the 3-2-1 method at 225. A little apple juice when I wrap and then sauce during the last hour and take em off when they're ready. This is the first batch of ribs on my new pellet smoker so I'll be keeping a close eye on them while I get familiar with the temps. I'm used to doing them on my Brinkman charcoal smoker. It's snowing and windy today so I expect I'll go through a lot of pellets. 🔥

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Ribs are on! Albeit 30 mins behind schedule. I didn't do a proper preheat of the grill so it was fighting to hold the temp. Once I realized my mistake I did the proper preheat, dropped the temp back down and it settled right in. Live and learn. 

Its fairly windy so I've put up a couple boards to block some of the wind. Need to pick up a welding blanket too.

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Unfortunately mine were too dry. Because it took me longer to get them on and I had to go out from 2:00 to 4:00 I needed to wrap them right at 2:00 so once I got them on at 12:00 I set the temp at 250. Wrapped them with some apple juice and dropped the temp to 225 at 14:00. Put them back on meat side down. When I unwrapped them at 4:30 the meat that was closest to the grill was already overdone. Sauced them and took them off at 4:50. Flavour was great but just too dry. Next time I'll drop temp to 200 and keep a closer eye on them.

Before foiling.

Just after they came off.

Sorry but no pics of the smoke ring or final plating. We had company and thinks got a little chaotic getting the kids fed and I forgot. We served the ribs with rice, carrot soup and caesar salad.

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