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Have one of these paddles. Knocks the big crap well as long as the grate is warm. I follow up with aluminum foil to get rid of the grit...
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I have 2 of these for my Broil king gasser (one for round grates and one for the V shaped grates) and I love them.  They end up getting to the point that they will be in contact with both the sides and the top, once they get worn in a little. The key to forming the grooves is the hotter , the better. You never have to worry about wires and I believe they are "gentler" on the surface of your grates.

There are 3 or 4 sizes/styles available. I also got mine from amazon. These things will last a very long time. If they get worn to a point that you don't like, you could cut off the end, taper it, and start over.

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Looks like a good tool, always like to get a first hand opinion on new gadgets.  For now though I'll stick with my four legged grill cleaner, named "sitka".   Not available on amazon.

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