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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

Looks real nice RD. .........................:first:




Thanks Joe - I still got to crank up the kielbasa soon! I will let you know.

Originally Posted by BenA View Post

I have some more research to do I guess - can somebody explain the steps for the poaching?

I smoked these chubs for 8-12 hrs at 120F - 150F, and then finished them in a hot water bath at 200F, targeting an IT of 152F.


I really like the poach method, main reason is it heats the whole sausage fully, evenly and at a very controlled method that is easy to monitor.


As soon as the target IT is met it's quickly into an ice water bath down to 90F IT, then pat dry and hang a day or two to bloom. Really turns out perfect, and easy too.  Thumbs Up


Originally Posted by driedstick View Post

Looks awesome Red,, POINTS!!!!


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



Thanks DS, appreciate all the nice comments and thanks for the point! Thumbs Up


Originally Posted by tropics View Post

RHD sorry for being late to this party great job on the Sausage.I had a 1966 Coronet 500

Points for the Sausage 



Thanks Richie - much appreciated. Those old Coronet's are such neat cars, I have a blast in mine.



Thanks for all the comments guys!

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I see more people poaching at the the end and getting good results...This has not been the norm for summer sausages. It still has to be done properly. Raising the temp too fast from too low of an IT temp can cause the center to become grayish in color and mushy. I recommend sausage be brought to 140 then parboiled to 152-160 for the best results if poaching....

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