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To sauce or not to sauce and other faux pas

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Now I know smoking a shoulder or butt is a very personal and delicate topic. I've been watching lots of YT vids and picking up tips, but in the end I see a lot of hard core guys nearly drenching their creations in BBQ sauce. One guys put his pulled pork in a pot with sauce and cooked it ever more. Why go to all the go to all the trouble of marinading and staging the woods etc, but let it all can go down the drain with some lame sauce? 

Other variables I could use tips on: Remove fat cap or not, drip pan or not, marinade or not, cook at 175-225 or 250+, spray with juice/vinegar mix or not? What about injecting flavors,,,is that cheating?  

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Welcome from SC. It's good to have you on this great site.

You left out: Electric vs. Wood
Foil or not
Chips vs. chunks
Briquettes vs. Lump

or about a dozen others. One thing for sure, there are always plenty of controversies to go around.
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I was being kind. Good suggestions plus...soaked wood or dry, smoke some then add rub, charcoal or not, slaw or not. Some of these taste differences would go undetected even by a bear.  I just think it's fun. But having issues with when to add wood and charcoal to keep the heat high and consistent.

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It's a learning curve. Trying different things is what makes your BBQ unique. You will find that what you like, others may not. So experiment & find what's right for you & your family.



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I'm with Al, try different things find out what you like! Personally no fat cap, dry wood, rub and smoke no foil until the rest. But to each there own!
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Cook it the way you and your guests like it, cook it in the style you find works best for you, and most of all, have fun while doing it. biggrin.gif

welcome1.gif To the group!
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All of the above will make you a happy camper. Al, b-one and Buzz are right on. Always have fun above all. Then, if you have a really good cook, it don't get no better'n that. The main thing to me is to satisfy my family and friends. They are the most critical but still your best return customers.

Good luck and keep on smokin', Joe yahoo.gif
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I only add that which Enhances the meat flavor. I use a small amount of either my sweet or tangy Finishing Sauce to maintain moisture and add flavor. I then have a choice of BBQ Sauces at the table for folks to add as they desire. I would never just mix in a heavy BBQ Sauce and overpower the pork...JJ

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