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Poll Results: If you had to pick your favorite type or go to style of sauce what would it be

  • 0% (0)
    White- Mayo Based- Alabama style
  • 7% (1)
    Yellow- Mustard Based- South Carolina style
  • 46% (6)
    Red -Tomato Based Sweet- KC style
  • 30% (4)
    Red- Tomato Based Spicy/ Bold- Texas style
  • 7% (1)
    Clear- Peppery Vinegar Based- North Carolina style
  • 0% (0)
    Black- Worcestershire Based- Kentucky style
  • 7% (1)
    Dry Rub- no sauce- Memphis Style
13 Total Votes  
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I'm from Colorado and we don't really have our own style so seeing what the preferences are so I'm running a poll to see what the majority of BBQ lovers would use as there go to sauce style.

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I chose dry rub. Not because I don't like sauce, but just because I don't really have a preference. I have and still use all kinds of different ones depending on what I feel like.

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Being located where I am, I have eaten the SC and NC sauces all of my life. After being involved with BBQ judging and more recently, with this site, I would vote for the KC sauce since I am a real fan of Jeff's recipe. I usually sweeten it a little because I think that it is designed as an excellent base to be tweaked to personal preference.
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I don't normally sauce, but when I do I prefer a KC style on the side
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When I use sauce, I prefer a tomato based KC style sauce. My favorite is my own doctored version of TulsaJeff's recipe. It's got a good balance of sweet and heat.

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KC Style. Heavy on Molasses!...JJ

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