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Poll Results: If you had to pick your favorite type or go to style of sauce what would it be

  • 0% (0)
    White- Mayo Based- Alabama style
  • 5% (1)
    Yellow- Mustard Based- South Carolina style
  • 36% (7)
    Red -Tomato Based Sweet- KC style
  • 36% (7)
    Red- Tomato Based Spicy/ Bold- Texas style
  • 10% (2)
    Clear- Peppery Vinegar Based- North Carolina style
  • 0% (0)
    Black- Worcestershire Based- Kentucky style
  • 10% (2)
    Dry Rub- no sauce- Memphis Style
19 Total Votes  
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I'm from Colorado and we don't really have our own style so seeing what the preferences are so I'm running a poll to see what the majority of BBQ lovers would use as there go to sauce style.

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I chose dry rub. Not because I don't like sauce, but just because I don't really have a preference. I have and still use all kinds of different ones depending on what I feel like.

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Being located where I am, I have eaten the SC and NC sauces all of my life. After being involved with BBQ judging and more recently, with this site, I would vote for the KC sauce since I am a real fan of Jeff's recipe. I usually sweeten it a little because I think that it is designed as an excellent base to be tweaked to personal preference.
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I don't normally sauce, but when I do I prefer a KC style on the side
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When I use sauce, I prefer a tomato based KC style sauce. My favorite is my own doctored version of TulsaJeff's recipe. It's got a good balance of sweet and heat.

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KC Style. Heavy on Molasses!...JJ

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Depends on the meat.  Pulled pork, I like vinegar-based sauce or a light, tangy red sauce.  Ribs, dry rub, hands-down.  Brisket, dry rub with the possibility of red sauce, depending on the rub and the sauce.  Chicken, light, tangy red, though I'm anxious to try a white sauce--I had it once, many years ago, and it was amazing.'s complicated.

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Don't use any sauce on smoked meats as a rule.  I use the drippings to make a roux based hot/spicy gravy which goes very well with smoked meat and just about anything else you want to put it on.  I've never encountered it more than 50 miles from where I grew up and it originated from a long since gone BBQ shack called PO Sam's.  Many have tried to replicate his gravy. None have succeeded and very few have even come close (Mine being one of them) in replicating the intense flavor of his recipe.


If interested in some of the back story google "PO Sams bbq"

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