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Spare ribs-going in smoker right now-help!

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Well, I'm definitely going to take the meat smoking lesson-I have too many doubts! 

I have rubbed the ribs with mustard -then a rib rub.  They have been in frig.  I have them out of the frig just "waking up" right now.  I am confused on the foiling-I didn't think I would foil.  But if I were to foil them please tell me when I am suppose to....what does that exactly mean.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Most use the 3-2-1 method for spares and the 2-2-1 method for baby backs.

This simply means, 3 hours with smoke, then wrap them in foil with some liquid, then out of foil & back on the grate for 1 hour. Just use the search & type in 3-2-1. You will get plenty to read.



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I will give it a try!  Thank you!

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Good luck! This forum is the best place I've found for great advice.. icon14.gif
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Alternatively you can go with no foil. I prefer pork ribs that aren't foiled. Spares will take around 5-6 hours at 225-250. These won't be fall off the bone. They will have good bark and good bite to them.

Keep in mind that the 3-2-1 & 2-2-1 methods are just guidelines. If you leave the meat in the foiling stage too long you can end up withheld of the bone or mushy meat. You need to check the meat after the first hour in foil to see how things are.
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There are many ways to smoke ribs. Most work fine. In the end, it's a personal choice. Regardless of method, you are looking for the meat to pull back off the bone end 1/4" or so which is an indication that they are either done or getting close. How many racks are you smoking Anna? If more than one, why not use this as an experiment, do one foiled and one with out.

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3-2-1 works real well for fall off bone ribs. I am going to try a 4-1-1 next time.....but family loves the 3-2-1 fall off bones ribs!!
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