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Looking to Add Smoked Meats to my Menu

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Hi, I have a restaurant in Monterey CA. and I am looking to add smoked meats to my menu.. Right Now we do all our grilling over an Aztec Grill using California Almond Wood and we achieve spectacular results... But I have always been a fan of smoked meats and utilizing my smoker for other ideas as well. Looking forward to getting some interesting insight into the smoker world... 

I am also still researching smokers... I am a fan of the Little red house thus far... Any thoughts? 



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Welcome to SMF!

 The first thing i would advise is to make a list of what smokers you may want and get it reviewed by your health dept rep.

  that way you know you won't have problems down the road.

Most places down here use the southern pride Gas / wood type smoker in commercial establishments.

  Others where they can get it installed to meet approval use 250 rf wood fired units.

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