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Great looking sausage.  Wish my friends were as into food as I am.  I would love to do this!  POINTS!!

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Very nice CB...... Feels like I'm sittin back and watchin everyone make these great looking sausages and I aint doing diddley..... Wait... I am....... I need to make something soon.....



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Originally Posted by CrankyBuzzard View Post

Friends wife: hmm, a bunch of men alone at home calling it a sausage fest.
Friend: well, there will be butts involved
Other friend: you should see how the casing goes on...
The ladies left after that one! sausage.gif
I'll bet they ALL didn't leave 😉
Summer sausage never seemed all that exciting to me, but you just changed my mind. The finished pics are killer....
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Very Nice CB!! Great job 



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That sliced summer sausage picture is what I have been waiting on.      Man, it looks delicious and keep the pictures coming!

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We need to get a group together in the midwest/Iowa and do this!


Honey!! We're gonna need a bigger smoker!  th_Slab_of_meat.gif 

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