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Hello from Colorado!

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Hello!  I joined the site back in June, but this would be my official first post!


I received a 40" MES back in June and I've had a ton of fun learning the art of smoking!  I figured now that I got my feet wet, it's probably time to start asking more questions and getting to know some experienced smokers!  BOOM!!!


Here's the unit I have:


I also JUST bought the A-MAZE-N Expandable Tube Smoker for those long smokes.  It's shipping now and I'm going to have a lot of questions about best practices once I get it (which is really what prompted me to post my Roll Call thread!).  I'm hoping this was the right A-MAZE-N smoker for my setup!!!

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Here's a list of most of the things I've smoked so far:


*  Couple pork shoulders for pulled pork

*  Tons of ribs (both spare and baby back)

*  Bacon-wrapped chicken wings

*  Brisket (failed - started it too late in the day and had to pull way too early so I could go to

*  Full turkey breast (brined and smoked)

*  Mac n cheese (this has become a crowd favorite)


I think that's most of the stuff I've tried.  I definitely want to try some new things (like cold smoking), so I'm looking forward to getting some ideas from folks around here!

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Well my friend, you came to the right place.


Welcome to the forum.


Lots of folks on here to help you.



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