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Question about points

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When I was here before I don't remember the point system. Maybe we had it and didn't use it.


Anyway my stupid question of the day is. How do you give someone points?



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The little thumbs up icon on the lower right of their post.

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Hi Al


At the bottom of each post you will see the thumbs up.



Click there to give points



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If you like someone post, in the bottom right of that post you use the thumbs up to give point and the quotation mark to quote them. Most people then post their comment and add a "points" emoji.

Smoke it up
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Thanks fellas!



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After a post receives at least 1 point (a member clicks the thumbs up and comments) a number, and little down arrow appear at the bottom of the post that the points apply.


In the case below the post has received 9 points - I believe you can give a point without a comment also.


You can also give so many points out to people that you will run out of points to give, at that "point" you will have to wait to receive more points to give out. I have ran out of points several times. Its fun giving them out!


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