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Best BBQ joints in Canada.

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So we have a thread about the best BBQ joints in the US.

How about the best in Canada.


Local to me is a place called Memphis Fire. They have a smoker out back and pretty much use hickory. Not as good as home made IMO, but good stuff.

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Be a short list!

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Downtown To spots are rather expensive with few exceptions. I wanted to try Stockyards, heard the ribs were good, but at that time they were only smoking ribs 3 times a week. I was there on one of the rib days...but were sold out.

Not a fan of down-to-earth bbq joint dressed up (and priced) as hip restaurant.

Blue Sage in Mississauga is unpretentious. Good bbq , reasonable pricing. The owner seemed really pationate about smoking. They might have closed though. Haven't ordered there for a while.
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Drawing a blank out this way. We haven't eaten out in over a year.

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The smokery in Stouffville is good and the owner always has a good selection of craft beers

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5 of 5 stars Reviewed 17 February 2016

This is the best Canadian BBQ I have ever come across. And to be honest it might even be tied for first place internationally. Worth the trip to Keene, Ontario


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Yeah. Nothing out here that I know about.

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In Hamilton there's Salt Lick and Southern Smoke. Salt Lick has some the best brisket I've had outside of Texas. Southern Smoke started as food truck but recently opened a restaurant. They always have great ribs and pulled pork, good brisket too, but Salt Lick's is better. Rolly Rocket's is also pretty good, but it's not exactly destiantion BBQ.


Buster Rhino's in Oshawa/Whitby (and now Toronto) is also quite good. Though he tends to smoke offsite and cryopac his stuff. It's good BBQ, but the bark suffers from it.

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I hear good things about Passing Wind Estates, it's hard to find or get a table but if you get a chance GO!biggrin.gif
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well now funny you should ask that question. If you have a chance to come to Pentiction BC look me up at a tavern called Decoys that boasts that there is nothing fancy here just à bunch of good old boys.I am just getting going on BBQ there but this is not my first rodeo. I spent most of my life in the States and perfecting the craft and am still asking questions you can never ask enough .Stop by and give us a try I will be the on outside the bar spent to much time on the inside of one as well Let me no what you think.
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