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Smoker elements

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If anyone is looking for elements for a build or to upgrade their smoker I have 3 of these.

Just cut a square hole and drop it in. The tray and pans and plug are the main value, you could put whatever element in it you want, whether 120v or 240 v.

I'm not looking to profit off of SMF, happy to help people with their builds. So basically 15$ plus shipping. Or, if you are a local and can pick it up,free. I will post under classifieds as well but wanted anyone with electrics to see

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Where abouts are you? How much do you figure shipping to michigan, 48035?
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I'm in idaho 83815. Not sure on shipping, but would be much lighter if I shipped without elements. Up to you.
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I think I wouldbe interested in the complate unit,do you have an weight estimate? I can look into the UPS storemail or USPS.
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I would guess 8 lbs. I don't have a scale. I will try n get to a shipping store in the next day or so to get an accurate price
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Ok no rush. Thanks
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Ok! Bought a scale today. It's 9 lbs total, 7.6 without elements
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