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Double barrel smoker

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I did not find a specific subforum to post in so I think here is the closes to mine.

I am building a double barrel smoker (below pictures) and I was wondering if anyone has some ideas fro the following:

I have stripped the paint which came on the barrels, I can not find high temperature pain in any of the shops till now so can I use acrylic spray paint or will it just burn off?

I am using 2" steel water pipes for the air inlet and chimney, what kind of dampers can I use to control the air/smoke flow?



I am open to criticism too, I will be posting more pictures as soon as I finish it this weekend I hope

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Thank you for sharing

This one looks great, but on my side here I don't have these kits available. so here is what I did till now.



I did fire it up today with some charcoal and scrap wood to burn anything inside (just in case). Currently I have some temperature control problems but also I did not use much coals to judge.

I am waiting for the temp gauges to arrive so I can really practice.

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Did you remove the paint/liner on the inside of the barrels? Check the forum on UBS (ugly barrel smokers).
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Yeah I did
I burned off the paint and used a twisted wire brush on an angle grinder
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If you have an Autozone, NAPA, or auto parts store in your area, they should have some high heat paint. Acrylic will likely end up bubbling and peeling from the heat.
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The acrylic did burn off as you said
I am still searching for the high heat pait but it turned out to be some hard thing to find in my area
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I am having some problems with achieving a high temperature in the cooking chamber. I don't have the thermometers yet but I think it is around 110-120F (which is practically cold)
I was using 6-7 logs of wood and around 2 pounds of coal (I was just testing for leakage so I needed lots of white smoke).
  • I was wondering what is the appropriate amount of coal to be used for a 5-6 hour cook
  • Also I wanted to know what is the recommended diameter of the air inlet, mine is 2 inches; should I use a bigger one or this is enough?

Thanks in advance
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You can get larger pipes, black or ALUMINUM, to connect he two barrells/ Those little pipes dont transfer much heat/smoke.
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Phrett, you are correct.

I Tested it again using a digital thermometer and 6 lb of charcoal, The maximum temperature I got using a blower was 185 F while the maximum temp on natural induction was 158 F.

The problem is as you stated that the two pipes are small so there is not much hot air passing through them, which mean there is not much air going into the fire chamber too and the coals are dying out.

Will be updating the thread as soon as the next test is done.


Thank you for the advice :)

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Hello to all,


I have made the following upgrades during the weekend.



I have added a new 5" duct and sealed all the leaky parts with thermal RTV silicon which should withstand the heat I suppose.

I am planing to test it out today and see it I actually get the desired temperature inside the upper barrel.

If everything works out; I will be painting it with the hi temp paint I got from ACE :)

Wish me luck

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Today I have made the final modifications to the barrels. I added another 5" duct connecting the two chambers and enlarged the exhaust from 2" to 5".

These mods did the trick, I have reached a temperature of 250F and higher :)

I just need to control the exhaust with a damper now. Now it is ready for some smoking th_wsmsmile0ly.gif

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How are you going to connect the 2 barrels? Im working on a double barrel smoker now.

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Originally Posted by corey97200297 View Post

How are you going to connect the 2 barrels? Im working on a double barrel smoker now.

I used two aluminum ducts, each is 5" to connect the two barrels.

Now I can easily go over 350F

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