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Couple yardbirds

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Dueling beer can chickens brined in Mad hunky Naked brine. Seasoned with Plowboys Jerk on one and Plowboys Fin and Feather on the other. Smoked at 400, took about 3 hours to reach 175. They were amazingly juicy. Chopped up some red potatoes, mini sweet peppers and added some carrots. Tossed in raspberry vinaigrette dressing and added to the pan.









Also cubed up some more red potatoes for sous vide. Drizzled in oil and Sprinkled with salt, pepper, garlic powder and rosemary. Vac sealed with a couple pats of butter and into the bath at 183 for 90 minutes. These were absolutely amazing. 1 pouch got eaten right away and other got shocked and fridged for later this week




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Looks great! What are your thoughts on the Mad Hunky brine?

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Wow. Looks awesome. Anything Mad Hunky makes is good.

Love using the Briner too.
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First time using the naked brine, I took these to 175 in the breast and they were super juicy. I think I prefer the original brine just because of the other added flavors, but cant go wrong with either if you want a juicy bird
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Great job! Definitely looks like a diner that doesn't make it to the table!
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Tasty looking birds! The sliced breast earned ya some POINTS!!!!
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Nice chickens!  points1.png



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I never tried store bought brine,but I do brine mine and love the outcome. Thanks


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