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Polish sausage

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I made it about a week ago, smoked a few bits today. Also attempted some snack sticks this morning, sticks were in 21mm casings. I think they were a little thick though. Put in smoker at separate times. Already had a piece of sausage, everyone that tried it liked it.
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Looks good.


Thank you for your service.  My wife and I gave some thought to settling in Clarksville after I retired but we're still looking for the right place.....


Have a great evening.



Lance R.

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The sausage looks excellent.


As Lance said, Thank-you for serving.



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We make sausage any size we want to. If you think the casing is too large get some smaller ones. But small casings are normally sheep and sheep casing are tender and tend to burst while stuffing. You can also get some small collagen casings that are smaller. You sausage looks awesome to. I love to make sausage and let other people try them as long as they are honest with me. That way you know if you are really doing it right.

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Them look good!!! Are they done yet?? Any money shot!! 


Yeppers thanks for your service 



A full smoker is a happy smoker - Stay happy 




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My apologies on no money shot. The everyone got excited and there almost wasn't time to taste it. I'll work on my self control next time and take some pics. I may need a bullwhip to keep back the crowd.

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Maybe it's my smartphone, it didn't let me like any comments. Thanks for replying to my post.

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Looks good wrench............ha.. I made a funny..hehe.:biggrin:





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