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slow cooked brisket

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I want to cook a 7 pd brisket flat tomorrow but it will be below zero tomorrow in Chicago.  I thought I'd try it in the oven, sorry!  The recipe I want to use has me cooking it uncovered for 1 hour at 350 then wrapped for 3 hrs at 300.  BUT the recipe is based on a 4 pd flat not a 7 pd that I will be using.  I know to probe it and I can use my Maverick.  I'll start probing at 190 but how much longer do you think it will take if it's 7 pds?  I want to try and time it for 5:00pm.  Thanks for the help.

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I would say 5hours is a safe bet
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Do you mean 5 hrs total? Thanks
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At that temp I would say right around five hours
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I smoked a 8lb brisket in nov. it took 14 hrs. but it was great. IMG_1460.JPG 779k .JPG file

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Did you start at 350?
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No, I smoked it for 3 hr. on the rack then 225 degrees for 3hrs. then double wrap in foil at temp of 275 degrees for 4 more hours.or until the internal temp reaches 185 degrees. if you like it well should be done at 163 to 170 or when it reaches the temp you . . un wrap the brisket and place it on the grill for 30 min. then remove the brisket and let it rest for 15 to 20 min before carving let the juices rest into the meat.good luck.Its good but takes a long time.

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