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So what do you do with these?

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Good evening! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. So I am smoking some ribs tomorrow. I have always bought baby backs in the past but for some reason decided to do spares this time. When I opened the package (2-pack from Sam's) I noticed that some of the "brisket" portion was still attached. I've never seen this before, so my question is, what do y'all do with them? Just treat them like a beef brisket? Thanks guys! 


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I smoke them with the ribs and if no one's eats them I cut them up and put them in the next batch of beans.
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That's a great idea. I wonder how they would be in a pot of brunswick stew... hmmmm thanks!

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I think it would be great either way!



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Ditto on either way.

I buy Smithfield baby backs at Costco. There are 3 in a Cryovac and they are marked as baby loin back ribs. They are actually baby backs with a portion of the loin left on. I cook them the same way as any baby back and they turn out delicious. The extra loin meat on the rib is a real plus. Another good feature is that the membrane is already removed.

Give them a try sometime and good smokin', Joe
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I usually buy packs of pork brisket bones and smoke them just like the rest of the ribs, chop them up with a cleaver, and eat them while everyone else goes after the ribs. Rib tips are the best!
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