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Curing container

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Question for all you curing gurus. I would like to make some corned beef / pastrami. I have a 18 lb packer cut. I plan to follow the recipes here on the forums. I have a large stainless steel food pan that is 12" deep. This is a commercial food tray used on steam table buffets or cold prep lines in a kitchen. Can I just cure the meat directly in this tray for ~14 days and seal the top with plastic wrap, or do I need to put the meat in a large ziplock bag. I'm concerned with the brine reacting with the metal container, but have been told that because it is a food grade stainless steel that I do not have to worry.

Thank you for your thoughts.
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You're good to go.


Stainless Steel, glass or food grade plastic is fine. It's non reactive. 

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Don't seal it to tight,you have to be able to turn the meat over in the brine.


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You should be OK in the stainless steel but it does depend on its quality. Some of the cheaper stainless containers (Chinese) can be fairly low quality though - even though they are sold as food quality. If you want to be sure, you can put it in the ziplock bag if you have one that is big enough.

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In my opinion, the zip lock bag is the way to go. Hefty makes some really large ones.



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Well I was able to find some XL zip lock bags.  They are labeled as 10 gallon.  I called Johnson & Johnson and they stated that they are food grade, even though the pictures on the package show clothing in the bags.  I am going to use the bags in the stainless steel container and let it cure in the fridge.  My plan is to start this next weekend, and I will put up a thread with lots of pics.  Thank you all for your input.  I can't wait to see how this turns out.

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Looking forward to seeing that thread.



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