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Root Beer Wings

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I got a wild idea to try a root beer marinade for some chicken wings.  I marinated these for about 24 hours.  I put them on a rack for an hour to get rid of some of the extra moisture, then I sprinkled them with some of my favorite rib rub.  These went into a preheated smoker at 250 for about an hour and a half.  I used apple wood for the smoke.

They came out pretty good.  They had a definite sweetness and you can taste the root beer coming through.  However, I didn't think the sweetness went really well with the wings.  It was worth the try, but I think I'll stick to the regular smoked hot wings.


We ate them.  Of course we ate them!!!


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You never know if you don't try! Maybe you needed to use Barq's it has bite.biggrin.gif
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Neat idea though. Nothing wrong with a little experimenting :beercheer:

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