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What do you call this?

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Hey Scott,

Holy cow! That is way cool! Maybe a lapigco, almost sounds spanish. How did you find this?



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That's got to be the biggest piece of meat in Cabbarus County.
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They're going to have to cook that thing with Napalm to follow the 140 degrees in 4 hours rule. All kidding aside, I'll bet it'll be tasty.

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Great find and an Interesting idea but the result? Way overcooked well done Beef and a lot of it. Cooked through but not necessarily pull-able Pork and medium cooked descent quality Lamb. Maybe a well thought out mega-roast consisting of pair of Beef Rib-eyes (med/rare), stuffed in a boneless Lamb (med), stuffed in a boneless whole Hog (falling apart)...JJ

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My wife found it on Facebook I think. Thanks for the over anilization JJ. :laugh1:

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That's not the finished product. They attach a drouge chute to it and drop it from low Earth orbit, so the heat of re-entry sears it. Then the chute opens and it lands on a waiting beach in Hawaii.

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How about LAMIGOW...Or, just awesome!



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Beer.gif  I would call it a Big A-- party I'll bring the beer.  How fast was all this stuff going when it ran together?

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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

My wife found it on Facebook I think. Thanks for the over anilization JJ. :laugh1:

Sorry...Went right for the, " Cool idea, but how will I cook it??? " My Wife complains all the time, " I want Spaghetti and Meatballs! You don't need to add Extra Stuff!!! "...:hit:...JJ:439:

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