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PP over Fries

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Another thing to do with PP. Makes up real quick, eat pretty good. Sorry for the poor photo. Only had enough battery for one shot and wasn't willing to let it cool while I could find and change to a fresh one.

Deep fried the taters then put in the pre-heated cast pans in the oven with shredded cheddar while readying the salsa, nacho cheese, tomatoes, onions, Jalapeños and warming the PP in a frying pan with a little sauce. PP on the taters then covered with the other stuff.


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Looks tasty!
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Looks tasty from here


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Great idea! Bet it tasted great!



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Thanks Guys,

It was good. Planned this time but I think it might turn into one of those make up with what is on hand meals. I've only been smoking a few months but don't see a time when we won't have some PP in the freezer, so I'm experimenting with ways to use it. Anyone have a good plan for PP omelets ?

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When I do pulled pork, I always buy an extra shoulder for freezing. I chop that one and then vaccum seal into quart size bags. If you aren't using a vaccum sealer, submerge the bag in a pot of water and hand seal.

We use it for
PP egg rolls (they can also be frozen)
PP Pizza
PP Raviollis
PP Tacos
PP hash

For the Omelette I usually do diced bell pepper and onions as well as some sharp cheddar and spinach. Serve with sour cream and salsa.
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