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First Attempt at Pork Butt...

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So here it goes.... Seasoned my MBS for four hours on 275.. Last hour added 1/2 cup apple, Mesquite, Alder, and Hickory chips every 15 minutes. Cleaned out the racks and drip pan. Wiped interior down with veggie oil.  Have 14# of boneless pork butt in there now.  Seasoning blend of White Sugar, Light Brown Sugar,  Pork Barrel BBQ Seasoning, dry mustard and roasted black peppercorns.  Drip pan is filled with apple juice.  Started the smoke with 1 part apple wood to 1 part Alder.  Wish me luck!!!!!

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CC2005, good luck and post some pics ! :icon_biggrin:

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Good luck! Sounds like a plan. Keep us posted.



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Sounds good.  I would suggest spritzing with apple juice and just put water in the pan.  Good luck!

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