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Need some ideas

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Hello everybody!


Been another one of those long periods of time since I have been on here,  But I know where I need to go for advice!


Here is what I am asking...... going to do a bunch of deer meat  this weekend,  Salami, some burger,  and some breakfast sausage,  I will have another several pounds to play around with. Does anybody have any tried and true things to try that might  be different from the usual? Jerky, sticks, etc. Just looking for some new ideas I guess.




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Venison bacon. Theres a couple commercial mixes out there. I think someone has posted a recipe using bears mini log technique.
Do a search for venison bacon. I've never tried it, but I ordered some mix from Curly's and it's on the list of must trys. Good luck..
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Thanks,,,, Still have some leftover bacon from last year :icon_biggrin:  It was from Curleys mix and it is very good! 



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