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First Turkey breast on MES30

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So here is my set-up.  I have a newer MES 30 with Bluetooth.  I use an AMNPS and no water in the pan.  I plan on doing 2 Turkey breast for the first time.  I am going to brine the turkey breast for 24 hours in a simple water, salt, and sugar brine.  After that, I am going to coat the breast in my standard Memphis Dust rub and put it on the smoker.  My question is about temperature.  I have seen anywhere from 275° all the way to 225°.  I have all the time in the world so I don't mind if a lower and slower approach will yield me juicy slices, but if hot and fast is best, I'll definitely do that.  I know that when I reach an internal temp of 160° I will pull it and wrap it in foil for an hour or so.  Anyone have any experience with this?  Thanks in advance :)

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Low and slow makes excellent Turkey, especially Breasts because there is no having to get the legs done. The only issue with smoker temps under 325°F is the Skin will not get crisp. If you are not into eating it. You have no problems using the MES. If crisp skin is a priority pull the breast at an IT of 145 and stick them in a 425°F Oven to finish the cook to 160-165 and crisp the skin. Works great...JJ


BTW...A 15-20 minute rest uncovered is all you need. If you crisp the skin and foil you defeated the extra work...

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Having crispy skin isn't a priority. I would just rather take it off so that I have more surface area exposed to the rub.  Maybe I could take the skin off, smoke it for a while, then fry it as a cracklin' of some sort.  So you do recommend low and slow?  I'll give that a try.

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Either works. I go 225-250 on the Smoker but Roast at 325-350. Both makes great Turkey just takes longer at the lower temp. Main focus is not to take the IT over 160-170 tops. Your skin plan is a good one...JJ

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Awesome.  I will start bringing tomorrow.  I'll post up some pictures.  My ultimate plan was to smoke the turkey for sandwiches. Here's what I am doing.  I tried this method of soaking bacon in regular coke for a few hours, then cooking it in the oven.  It does magical things to the bacon.  Then I will make a Guacamole with avocados, chipotle chilies, and a little sour cream.  Pile all this on some toasted Ciabatta bread.  Should make for a yummy dinner.


Now that I think about it, what are some good sides to do using the smoker?  I figure since I'll be firing up the AMNPS that I may as well use it for a while.  Any recommendations?  

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Beans are always popular, Dutch's Beans are very good and a popular side. Lots of guy doing Smoked Mac n' Cheese. Cheddar stuffed Jalapenos halves wrapped in Bacon, ABT's, are great as a snack or side. Have a long here...  Have fun...JJ

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Thanks for the link!  I was immediately drawn to the No Boil Smoked Mac and Cheese.  I have some leftover frozen pulled pork I could add to it as well.  This is going to turn into quite the feast.  Will definitely post up pics. Thanks again :)

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Glad to help...JJ

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