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Second smoke on my MES 40 and we're doing wings. We'll see how it goes! Tried Scarbelly's method on some, some are smoke only, some rubbed with butter and Tony C's, and some with the same but with turbinado sugar in them. [IMG]
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Looks like a great start!
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Here was the finished product. They were VERY salty but had awesome smoke flavor. Not really hot at all. I think next time I'll tweak it any go with my own recipe for the rub and maybe dip them in my own recipe wing sauce too.
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Tony C's is too salty for a rub.  Just salt and pepper them wings, add some cayenne or crushed red pepper for heat.  Nice smoke anyhow!  Points!



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Tasty looking wings!

If you want the best wings ever, give Scarbelly wings a try. You won't be disappointed!
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Something I forgot to mention was that the skin was pretty rubbery. Anyone have ideas as to what causes this??
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What was your max temp? You probably need to get your heat up around 300 to 325 in order to crisp the skin. That goes for smoking any poultry. You can do it in the oven if your smoker doesn't get hot enough.
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I have the MES 40, max is 275*, that's what i had it at.
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Would think that 275 would have got you close. But perhaps try finishing in the oven at 325 to 350 next time. Hotter = crispier.
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I throw my wings on a hot 500+ grill for a couple of minutes to finish them off. You have to watch them closely though. It's easy to burn them, but the skin comes out real crispy.



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