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Hello all

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I go by Rob and I'm located in Lake Saint Louis, MO.  My wife and I enjoy outdoor cooking of all types.  Grilling, BBQ, smoking, flat top, Weber or gas grill, it just doesn't matter what type.  I have been working with a Masterbuilt electric smoker for a couple of years with some luck and some not so lucky results.  I enjoy hunting so we seem to always have wild game to practice with.  My son also became interested in smoking and now has his own smoker.  With the cooler weather I just finished another batch of smoked elk salami that really turned out well.  I would like additional hints on smoking cheese as mine turns out bitter no what I do.


Thanks and Semper fi,


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Hey Rob Welcome to the site and thanks for your service to the greatest nation on earth.


We need to know more about your cheese smoking set up in order to offer opinions on the bitterness.


Off hand;  It sounds like it's possible that you've got a "green wood" situation, or perhaps a too cold fire / smoldering wood problem.


Describe your cheese smoking set up and we should be able to offer some answers.

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