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Florida Newbie

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Hey everyone


My name's Robert and I'm a Jacksonville, Florida native and I'm looking to get in to smoking my own meats, cheeses, and other things. I've always loved BBQ, but outside of the occasional steak or hamburger, I've not really done much myself.


My wife surprised me 2 years ago and sent me off to spend the weekend with Myron Mixon at his home in Unadilla, GA and that was a lot of fun. If anyone's interested in what that experience was like I could share some pictures and such. Unfortunately, life got in the way of my cooking pursuits between then and now, but I'm ramping back up to give it a go.


I currently don't have a proper smoker. I've used my Webber kettle charcoal grill a few times to cook a butt or two, but it's really not the best tool for the job. I've started looking through the various opinions in the forums but you guys make it hard to choose for myself :-)


Anyway... I'm sure I'll see you guys around in the forum!



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Welcome to the site and good luck finding a smoker that fits your likening. I am a trager fan my self but I am new to this only been at it for 4 weeks.
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:welcome1:  To SMF glad on board. There is a lot helpful info to help you get around the sight take the time to read on the Home page Initial Greeting. Also on top of the Home page is a search engine to help.

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Welcome to SMF. Man I would love to see some pics from the Myron Mixon visit.



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More than happy to share the pics and experience. Since I'm new here, would be the most appropriate place to do so?

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