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Ham Hocks

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This is my first time working with ham hocks. I have brined them for about 6 days and they are now sitting uncovered in the fridge. I am going to smoke them tonight. I hope they come out good. I'm just going to use them for making soups as of now
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They were on the smoker for 4 hrs. The average temperature was about 220f. I used hickory wood. Now it's time for pea soup.

I wish I had these ready for this past New Years for the black eyed peas and greens. I did have some home cured and smoked salty bacon slab i cut up for the peas, so they were not too bad.
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Nice. I need to make some myself
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Those are some good looking ham hocks.

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Nice smoke!



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Sto, nice looking hocks !

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Look tasty!



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They make me want some Pea Soup.They look as if you glazed them.


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I love hocks, any way you fix. Fresh hocks is mighty tastee also! Usually about now I cure and smoke a bunch. I think last years batch of hocks and trotters lasted about 9 or 10 months. Its that time again.


Nice looking hocks. Lets you save that bacon and ham for eggs!

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I thought they looked glazed as well. I figured it was from the brown sugar I put in the brine. This was my first time brining pork. I was impressed with the quick taste test I did.
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Great looking hocks! I'd be whipping up a batch of pazole (Pasole)! Navy bean and home made bread is another hock favorite!
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