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Smoking Chicken

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Hey fellow smokers.  Just another newbie,  Got a great sale on some bonless and skinless chicken breast..  Was thinking about make some sort of a jerky.   Any recipes/ timelines/temp and how to cut up????

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Unless you are extremely well versed in jerky making I would step back from attempting chicken jerky till I was. Chicken will sneak up and get ya, and it ain't a pretty sight. I have no trouble with leaving a beef roast out over night thawing, I even hate freezeing chicken worrying about it spoiling.  Unless you are really comfortable making jerky


I'd make fajaitis instead. just mt humble opinion.

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Mmmmhh fajaitas sound good. Thanks for the advice!!
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Soak them in dill pickle juice . Bread and fry . Use for sandwich . Chunk em up then soak ,  bread and fry for nuggets . 


I just did some in a buttermilk brine . So good , so tender . 

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