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Overnight Butts

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I started my first smoke with my a-maze-n pellet smoker. I'm about three hours in and it's chugging along just fine with TBS aplenty. I put the butts in a foil pan with a rack in the bottom with sliced onions and garlic underneath to mix with the jus. In about one more hour I'll put my probe in the bottom butt, take a good long nap and check them both with my instant thermometer before I foil. I managed to get them for $1.75 a pound at costco and dipped into my rainy day funds for 'em. Thanks El Nino! Anyhow, I'll definitely take tons of pictures for you all.

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Looks like a good start from here


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Looking good so far.

Smoke it up
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Can't wait to see the final result!

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Thanks folks! So far so good. I had to relight the AMNPS early in the a.m. but it only had half a row to go so I dont think they missed out on much smoke, so now they're foiled and waiting until they hit the 195* mark.
So far so good!
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Looks awesome!!!

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And done! They've rested, they're out of the jus and now I just need to wait to skim the fat and pull, pull, pull! Since they were boneless I tied the butts and put em in the pans cut side up so all those nooks and crannies had juices pooled inside. I have to hand it to you all, I went to the search bar a couple times for help and everywhere I looked I learned a lot more than I wanted to. Hope you like the pics!

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Are you going to pull them now that they are rested?


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Most definitely! The one on the right went straight to my neighbors house whole while it was still hot and the other I mixed with my finishing sauce after pulling. I even threw in some italian sausage I made the other day to get on their good side, haha.

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The butts look great! But what's the story about the neighbors and you needing to be on there good side? I don't worry about my neighbors I just buy bigger subwoofers to drowned out there dogs barking!biggrin.gif
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Looks great I get along with my neighbors and we have some great BBQ


Thumbs Up

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