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Weekend baby backs

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I haven't made a huge amount of ribs but I think these turned out pretty good.


I did 2 1/2 - 2 - 1 using mostly Pitmaster's choice pellets (mainly because I wanted to get

rid of the rest of the bag :icon_wink:).  I mostly prefer hickory for just about anything.  I love the smell of hickory.


Anyway, I Texas BBQ rubbed them overnight. For the 2 hour foil, I put them in an aluminum pan with OJ, soy sauce and drizzled them with honey.


SBR sauce for the last hour and they turned out very moist and fall of the bone tender with just a little tug to them.





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PaRRot-HeaD, OK stand back and pat your self on the BACK.  I think they look great. From your description They smoked up just like I like them.  Nice work     Jted

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These look great. Pitmaster's Choice does contain hickory along with cherry and maple.

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Those are some good looking ribs! Congrats!


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