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Beef Ribs

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Over the Holidays I purchased a 7 bone prime rib roast.  I personally like my prime rib without the bones, so I trimmed them off and saved them for another cook.  A couple days after Christmas, I had the chance to cook them.


To start off, I cooked the ribs on a Traeger Lil Tex Elite using cherry pellets, and at 275 degrees.  The cook to roughly 6 hours, 4 hours open, and 2 hours wrapped.  Here's some pics of the cook.


To start off I used 3 different rubs, BPS Little Louie's Seasoned Garlic rub, BPS Double Secret Steak rub, and Simply Marvelous Peppered Cow in that order, and evenly applied to the front and back of the ribs.


I let the ribs sit for about an hour, and then placed them on the pit.


What they looked like 2 hours into the cook.


After 4 hours on the pit open, I wrapped the ribs in foil with a cup of beef broth and a tbsp of Worcestershire sauce and place them back on the pit.


After 2 hours in the wrap, and total of 6 hours of cook time, the ribs hit the tenderness I was looking and were pulled off the pit to rest on the cutting board before I cut them.


The final product.  These ribs were super tender, moist, and tasted great.  The best beef ribs I have cooked to date. 


Thanks for looking, and happy smoking.

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Nice smoke! Looks great!
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Wow, those are a thing of beauty!  Beef Ribs are one of my favorite smokes! POINTS!

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The ribs look delicious!

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Ed, these ribs look fantastic.


Anything that looks this good deserves points!



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