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mounting thermometer

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has anyone mounted there Maverick thermometer probe in the door replacing there original analog thermometer? I think it could be done fairly easily.


that way the wire is out of the way of the vent, and completely out of the way when the door is opened.


if any one has done this please let me know, If not maybe Ill be the first and Ill take some picks.



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You could mount it as you describe, but that would not tell you what the temp is at meat level which is what you want to know. the probe needs to be about an inch above the grate where the meat is.

good luck

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I was under the impression that the second probe was a replacement for the door/box thermometer. but you have made a good point in putting it at meat level.

I will stay with the rack/meat level its probably more accurate that way and less work.


btw I have been doing some testing and my door thermometer was off 5-10 low.

could some of this error be because I'm taking the temp. at rack/meat level about a inch above the door thermometer?



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Yes some of your inaccuracies are from probe placement. I prefer to place the probe near where I'm placing the meat.that will give you the most accurate measurement of the temps. Don't forget to test your probes every once in a while just to make sure you are still good.
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Good luck with your probe placement, Jim. Sometimes it can be frustrating, especially with factory therms. Case has you spot on, as usual.
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