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Originally Posted by Four20 View Post

Can I pleeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssse bring the beer trailer?

It can run out 6 taps.
Its lonely.

well of coarse you can (can't he Jerry?)... would be even better if all 6 taps will be flowing... with different flavors... biggrin.gif
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ohh it does.

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I'm sure it does.. just meant while at the gathering... LOL
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I don't see 6 taps but it sure would save some people lots of "beer runs" like Tim and Joe  :sausage:      among others.



I'm sorry things have been crazy around here but I will get by the hotel some time in the next few days and get the hotel info and reservation number posted. We reserve a block of rooms then when you call and use that reservation number you get the discounted rate and they take the room out of the block and reserve it in your name.

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The external headers are expandable. It has a 95 inch keggerator mounted in the trailer which can be disconnected and moved inside for more closed door events. The actual keggerator is set up to run out 9 - 1/6 bbl kegs. It also has a separate header system for 3 taps that can run nitrogen. This summer I'm gonna modify the trailer to have 2 porta - johns in the front.

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Do you have natural Light????? I have kids in college.:beercheer:

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make one of them Yuengling light ... I'm just straight up deep in debt ...
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Bud Light, Coors Light, Mich Ultra, Angry orchard, Guinness, Sierra Nevada IPA, Stella, Corona, ....................


Y'all forgetting the 2 Electrofreeze cocktail freezers, Chilled wine Tap, and Jager tap.


I will have to leave the camper at home. So whoever puts me up drinks for free.

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you mean we all don't drink for free ?? biggrin.gif

That's ok.. I'm not a big draft beer fan anyways...

I think you would be better off just to bring the camper ... everybody pretty much brings their own and then some....
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i thought i had posted a RSVP on here but looking back i guess i didn't.....I'M COMING!! Finally i'm able to come and couldn't be more excited! I'll be heading up Friday after work and tent camping!

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Originally Posted by dougmays View Post

i thought i had posted a RSVP on here but looking back i guess i didn't.....I'M COMING!! Finally i'm able to come and couldn't be more excited! I'll be heading up Friday after work and tent camping!

Cool.... Doug. Will be good to see ya again

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Diana & I plan on being there Thursday.

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Okay folks between sherries surgery and me being in the hospital i had to burn my vacation. I really don't think that we will be able to make it this year, I am trying to get unpaid leave but it doesn't look good.

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Doug.. I'll believe it when I see you there... biggrin.gif ... will be good to see ya...

Bob... hope everything has turned out well for Ms Sherrie and yourself... If y'all can't make it we will have a drink or 4,5,6 of them for y'all... (PS. can you still send some mudbugs over)... LOL.. just kidding...
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Hotel Info has been added to the first post

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Room reserved. Don't know what we're getting into, but looks like fun. Can't wait to put faces to names!



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If you need directions send me a PM and tell me where your coming from and I'll PM directions they usually very a little from GPS devices. Seems those maps like to use people's private roads up in our area :biggrin:

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Getting closer!!!! Can't wait to see the old friends and make some new ones. And will miss the ones that can't make it!

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DrDon... will be good to meet ya... Hope your ready to eat some good food... as for the fun... welp.. it's about the most fun you can have with your clothes on... yahoo.gif
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Don't forget the boards Keith! Did Jerry tell you were the main cook this year!!!!:beercheer:

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