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Need a little help

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I am new to the smoking meats forums and have started my first build. I am using a propane tank like most everyone else but for a firebox I will be using an old air tank. I have run all the numbers using faldons and am ready to cut the firebox to cook chamber open in. Being that my opening is two rounds overlapping for the circle calculated I found a figure for half the opening I will need and then plan on just marking half then flip it over my template and get the shape for two overlapping rounds. I know this may sound confusing. Will it work? By the way I need about for an opening and my rounds are 24in. In diameter. Any advise would be great.
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For a reverse flow, this tutorial will produce a better smoker then Feldon's......  It has the calculation you are looking for...

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OK thanks. Will my idea for marking the hole I need to cut for two overlapping rounds work
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In the tutorial, it explains how to calculate the football shaped opening you are wanting...  If you need help, I'm here...

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Thanks Dave. I looked at what you recamended and think I will be able to figure it out.
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