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Curing pork belly questions....

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So I picked up my first pork belly, with a plan cure and smoke it following a recipe to help me through the process. I was having a little trouble tracking down the cure #1. I located a small local butcher and once I mentioned pork belly he hands me a bag and says you actually need a rub. I verified there was cure in it, he says yes and mentioned maple flavor, but this is all he wanted to help with.
So my question is, what is it he gave me? What's in it so I can still go off the recipe I was trying to follow?
Also, feel free to give a pork belly newbie some tips!
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Here is a link to Pops brine recipe. It's the easiest way to cure a belly, add any spices to the brine you want. You can get cure #1 from

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Hmmm, very hard to tell you what to do. Cute #1 is readily available online. Order some.

The problem with what you were given is that we have know way to know how much cure, what type of cure is in your rub. The butcher should have given you directions. I wouldn't use it. Get yourself some cure #1 and follow the recipe you have.
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Your Butcher was trying to be helpful but he needs to tell you How Much by weight to apply! Bellies need to have Cure applied at 120ppm. Handing you a Mix is fine but with no further instructions, you could apply too little or way worse, apply too much. Try to get further instructions or freeze the belly and hold out until you get Cure #1 you can measure out properly...JJ

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Thanks for the replays. I got myself some cure #1 and I will just hang onto the bag from my the butcher. Like you guys said, the mixture is unknown and I didn't want to stray from the directions I am trying to follow. As of know I am back on track and will start the curing process tomorrow. Thank you again for the help, I will update on how it goes.
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