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Smoking my first turkey

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I plan on smoking my first turkey right away, that being said I have some questions I have seen a lot of people use a brine and no wet pan? Does that really matter or can you use a wet pan? From the I have seen a 10 lb bird should take around 6-8 hrs is that accurate? And what kind of chips do you like to use?

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Hi Tristan,  I smoke my turkeys between 300 and 325 and my last one was 12 lbs.  It was done in 3 hrs.  I don't use water in the pan and I used apple wood.  Poultry absorbs smoke so go easy with it.



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Tristan very important info needed with nearly any question, what type smoker? These are electric!





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I am using a digital masterbuilt smoker. I was going to put smoke to it for around a hour. As I do plan on spatchcocking the bird.
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I run my weber  +300* no water pan and cooked my last 12# turkey in 2 1/2 Hr. using orange tree wood. I spatchcock and brine with salt and sugar.

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Thanks everyone. I just hope mother nature is nice to me. It's going to be around -20 Celsius when I do my bird. It is an insulated smoker. I did a pork but a couple weekends ago and it worked just fine. 20151227_170407.jpg 3245k .jpg file
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If your going to spatchcock it. My suggestion would be to put it in an aluminum pan on top of onion, carrots, celery, & garlic, with a can of turkey or chicken broth. When it's done strain the pan juice for a real nice stock.

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