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Venison Snack stick mixure ratio

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I've got a bunch of ground venison thawing for a weekend snack stick cook.  It is already mixed as an 85% venison, 15% fatty beef ratio.  

What if any additional pork or beef should I add?


I'm thinking that it should be fine as is, but wanted to pose the question to the collective wealth of knowledge here before pulling the trigger.




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Seems a lot of guys like 70/30 Venison to Fatty Beef or Pork. Since you have 15% Beef, add 15% Fatty Pork Butt and let her rip...JJ

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I always do 80% pure venison no fat, and 20% ground pork butt with great results.

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I've always done 2/3 venison to 1/3 ground pork butt.  I know many people that run a 50/50 mix, but that seems like too much to me.  If I were you, I would add another 15% pork or fatty beef.  You don't want them too dry.

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