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Originally Posted by Dr K View Post

I just made a folder titled SMF. I just move emails into this folder from my inbox. You could email it to youself with a more discriptive subject line on what's in the email before moving it to your SMF folder for faster searches through the SMF folder.

I'm not talking about emails here, just the web pages themselves. Chef JimmyJ had the idea to save the texts in SMF PMs to yourself which would be another good way to keep them available. I've already got a folder in my email client on my hard drive chockfull of smoking and grilling stuff. I just rarely look at it, figuring I'll look at it sometime. Still waiting for sometime to come.

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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

I don't know of a Forum function to save to a file...JJ

Maybe Jeff can be persuaded to have his IT guy(s) code it in? :icon_smile:

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Ok the results are in... The casing on the Sausage is really saggy so I decided to cut it off. The sausage has a very jerky like outside and is soft inside but a little dry. I'm guessing the long cook time is to blame for the dryness but not sure why the casing is saggy or the outside of the sausage is jerky like any thoughts?



Originally Posted by TPeace View Post

We finished the other 8 sticks they went for 21 hours. The casings seem really loose on 2 or 3 of them and the ends on 2 or 3 are harder where they were close to the top of the MES and the heat shield at the bottom guess I need them shorter next time the 15" were just to much. I put them in the ice bath and some areas of the stick are light colored and appear to have a fair amount of moisture after the ice bath is that normal? Most of the sticks are way softer than the over heated one from yesterday just hope that the casings firm up and try to figure out the light colored areas. The light colored areas the casing is loose but the flip side of those look like the 2 on the far right




Looking at the SS it appears it didn't have enough fat content to make a good bind. Also adding too much water to the meat will make the sausage shrink and separate from the casing and allow the casing to dry out and become brittle. When the ice bath happened they can  become re hydrated and soggy. Looking at the chubs it indicates you have hot spots....When packing a smoker full with chubs of summer sausage you will increase the cook time tremendously with a stall. 


Try to keep the fat content between 10 to 20 percent, Make shorter chubs and center them trying to keep them away from hot spots and try smaller loads. This should help improve on the final product


Hope this helps



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