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Old Elk Heart - Suggestions please

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You know how it is: you're clearing out the freezer, trying to make room, and you have all of this meat that needs to be cooked and eaten.


In my case, that includes an elk heart that was sitting in the back of the freezer since 2005. Probably a little bit past the ideal cooking date, but I'm still interested in giving it a try. Now, the problem I'm having is that I have never cooked meat that old before nor have I ever cooked heart (of any kind). If anyone has any suggestions to mask and/or remove any "old" taste and for heart in general I would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks in advance.

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2005 is way past prime for me, even vac packed.I'd pitch it.
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^^^^^^^^^ What he said!

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No freezer burn or thawing? Not near the defrost cycles vents?


Maybe some tongue cheese? Lots of spice and onions there, maybe buy some ears & tails to use with it.



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Eleven Year old Heart? You got a Dog??? There is a possibility it is still good, if Vacpacked, still perfectly sealed, no brown or dry freezer burn spots and no frost in the bag. Even Plastic is semipermeable and the heart could absorb that stale freezer smell and taste. Best preparation would be one with Big Bold Flavors. Chili, Taco Filling, Indian or Thai Curry. To this point a 5 year old Pork Loin was the oldest meat a member has said they got a good result with. This may be a new SMF Record...JJ

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Thanks for the advice, my current plan after thawing and cleaning the heart is to slice it thin then do a marinade made from cheap beer and taco seasoning. Then fry it in the skillet and hope that it is still edible after all these years. If so, then this will be my first record winning meal!


PS: Notice I said edible and not anything more optimistic.

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If you have a small pressure cooker, add spices, veggies and pressure cook it for an hour or so....  That will kill all pathogens and tenderize it...  The flavor will be enhanced from the stuff you add to it....     We pressure cook all beef hearts because the muscle can be very tough....   It comes out tender.....

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Do what my pal Capt. Dave said...  Cant go wrong.  Then use it for sandwiches on poker night! b

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I hate to waste anything  that I "harvested" BUT that would be ground/chopped for dog treats ! :icon_smile:

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